The Death of Creativity

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Creativity is dead, complacency is alive and well. I originally thought it was a figment of my imagination, maybe a flashback from some bad acid. Oh, if only it was. It started out innocently enough, I was looking for information on James Freys new novel, you know James Frey, produced a work of fiction, tried passing it off as truth, gave tons of people hope, got ripped a new one by Oprah and made millions. So, kiddies, remember the truth will set you free but lying like a sack of shit will make you rich. How this guy has a writing contract is beyond me but I digress. Back to my point, I was looking for info on the book and stumbled across something very disturbing, at least to me. Someone has decided it is a good idea to turn the book, American Psycho into a musical and yes it was a book before a movie. That's right, the hyper violent story about an 80's, Reagan era stockbroker with homicidal tendencies is going to be a musical. Now this by itself is not an issue, people make stupid decisions all of the time. This isn't just a simple bad decision, it's a sign. Maybe not a sign of the apocalypse, maybe just a sign of society as a whole. How can I say that? you ask. It's an isolated incident, right? you say. Oh contraire. I present to you the following. Coming soon to a Broadway stage then dinner theatre near you are Addams Family ( The Musical) they're creepy and they're kooky and a Cousin It has rhythm. Catch Me If You Can ( The Musical) cause forgery just screams sing along. Houdini (The Musical) even magicians need to sing. Finally, the one I can't wait until tickets go on sale for is, wait for it.........

Bruce Lee: Journey to the West ( The Musical).

That's right world, finally a martial arts musical. Might as well cancel Tony award voting now, Bruce is gonna take em all. Yeah but that's just a few musicals, that's Broadway, at least there's the silver screen. Really? In the coming year we have, GI Joe The Movie, which looks absolutely and completely nothing like the cartoon which should go over well with fans. The only real star in the cast is Dennis Quaid and if he wanted to torture himself should have just stopped acting and stayed married to Meg Ryan. We also have the A-Team movie another popular 80's TV show destined to go over like a fart in church. I Dream of Jeanie is due to make a grab for your dollars in the coming year. That great drama about a rich Texas oil family, no not the Presidency, Dallas is due for a comeback shortly. The Jetsons will be making a trip to the big screen as live action shortly,after all it worked so well for the Flintstones and Scooby Doo. How bout television? Surely, that can't be as bad. Really ? Currently there are thirty versions of Law and Order floating around, followed by the 28 versions of CSI, which will never be any good until there is a CSI:Hoboken. Every five seconds there is a reality show on somewhere. You can watch anything from morons stranding themselves on deserted islands to people looking to be super heroes (good idea Stan Lee, I used to think you were a genius). You can watch a show about tattoo artist or watch people construct the largest Oreck Vaccum cleaner for a Guinness Record. You're taste run to sitcoms, relax we have thirty seven versions of the same thing on every channel. Marriage and the differences between men and women never grows old especially when it's done over and over and over and over again. Lets not forget raising kids, that hasn't gotten old since the Beaver first made his small screen debut. Lets not forget the recent influx of Japanese game shows make their way west, just because something is popular over there doesn't make it good. Remember they have one of the highest rates of alcoholism in the world, and take it from me an active alcoholic isn't the best judge of anything let alone entertainment.
At first, I was going to blame Hollywood, Broadway and television. Then I realized it's not their fault. It's ours. We are the ones who keep falling for the same old crap. We pay to be nostalgic and watch bad movies based on old TV shows. We settle for more of the same because we are used to it. We accept what is given to us because we have forgotten how to call for what we want. When we were babies, we cried when we were hungry. Cried when we had a load in our diapers. As we got older, we forgot how to say what we want and just take what we are given. With the price of the average Broadway show ticket being over $100 bucks and a trip to the movies forcing you to leverage a second mortgage, people need to speak up. It's your money, you work hard for it, why waste it ? You wouldn't take your paycheck and set it on fire would you? So why waste your hard earned money on such indigestible pablum? It all hasn't been done before. The well is not dry. There are billions of people in the world, that's billions of ideas and perspectives. Yet nothing changes. More of the same, if it worked before it will work again and we'll pay for it again and we'll eat it up with a spoon. Then complain about the bad taste left in our mouths. Until we stop settling for more of the same and being treated like we all have lobotomies, we'll continue to get what we deserve.
I'll see you at the premiere of the Bruce Lee Musical. And Remember....

If you give enough monkeys enough typewriters eventually they will write a Shakespearean play and we'll watch it.