Hey Kids Play That Cool SAT Game Yet?

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That’s right kiddies, there is finally something to free you from those long hours of boredom playing Madden 09 or leveling your Druid in Warcraft. Who needs that when you can get ready for the SATs by playing Aspyr Media Inc.'s "futureU" PC game or Ubisofts “ My SAT Coach” on your DS. That’s right for thirty bucks you and your friends can spend countless hours taking over 2000 practice questions and two whole full test. So bust out the Mountain Dew, a little herb and settle in for hours of fun. Just think of the smack you can talk while playing online when your boy doesn’t know the root designation of the word macrobiotic. Dude, you will totally pwn him.

Seriously, what are these companies thinking? Yes SAT scores are at their lowest levels in years and yes, standardized testing scores of all kinds are down across the board. This is not the answer. Sure, Aspyr and their partner Kaplan, Inc along with fellow competitors Ubisoft and their partner Princeton Review Inc. mean well, sort of. This idea is not aimed at getting the kids smarter or more prepared, it’s aimed at sales. The companies see that kids are spending most of their time either playing video games or on social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook, so naturally they figured to throw their hats into the ring. Sales will go up, the companies will make money. Parents will buy this for their kids simply because parents are out of touch with said youngsters. The parents will buy it, give it to the kid and it will collect dust until it gets tossed in the trash. Mom and Dad are out $30 and the kid is no better off than he is still on his way to community college instead of Harvard.

The basic idea behind this whole fiasco is a solid one. Make the kids smarter and more prepared and they will get into a better college where they can binge drink every weekend and have unsafe sex with strangers thus preparing them for the real world. Kaplans Kristen Campbell is quoted as saying it “makes sense to take our curriculum and deliver it in a fun way,". Trying to make something kids do not want to do in the first place hip or cool is not the way to do it. Let me tell you kids and people in general, play games because they are fun and an escape, at least that’s why I play. . They play because for a couple of hours they can be somebody else, they can be Tom Brady or a level 70 night elf or an assassin destroying to Templar hold on ancient Jerusalem. They don’t play to be educated, that’s not fun or an escape, that’s work. They don’t play so they can have a partially customized stick figure and learn the definitions of words like symbiosis by splitting it into it’s roots. Apparently these companies are using the field of dreams theory with this one, if they build it the kids will play. Just because you're kid plays video games does not mean they will play this, I play own golf clubs but I'm not on the PGA.

Good idea, sound principle but bad execution. Thinking kids will give up their favorite games to learn just goes to show how out of touch society as a whole is with their youth. If you want to improve the minds of our youth why not try this novel approach, motivate them. It works in companies, the more people are rewarded, the more they are recognized the better their productivity and the higher the bottom line for the employer. Try the same thing with the kids and see what happens. Try spending a little more time with them, get to know them, how’s that for an outside the boxer? Teachers, I know it’s hard but Think. Try to find ways to make learning fun and interesting, stop reading straight from the text book and use your mind for other things besides figuring out how long before you get tenured.

To the companies involved with this brilliant idea and the parents who will buy this disaster, maybe you can use the games to find out the root definition of DUMBASS.

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