The presidential election is right around the corner. The voters last bad decision is on his way out and over the next four years we will find out if our decision making process has gotten any better. Gazing into my crystal ball and looking ahead, I would have to say not a friggin chance. The economy is in shambles. The price of a barrel of oil continues to climb. The housing market is totaled. The job market is sparse. In the past week, three major lending institutions have gone tits up and everyone blames the president. He’s the leader it must be his fault. Wrong. Anyone who has ever taken a civics class or American history class can tell you that the president really has no power as far as laws and the economy. The only real power he has is the power of veto. If congress or the senate try to pass a law, for example, and he doesn’t agree, he vetoes it and it goes back until he gives it a passing grade. Just like a teacher handing down grades on a term paper. On the campaign trail, candidates take the role of the horny guy at the bar and we, the constituents, are the hot chick. They will say anything, make promises they can not keep in order to get into our pants. Then, when they get elected and we are married to our choice and things don’t turn out the way we thought, we want a divorce. Just like any bad marriage, there are underlying causes for the trouble and if you go to a therapist for counseling you’ll find them. The problem with our political situation does not come from the president. His role is really no different than a queen or king, he is for all intents and purposes a figure head. Example, the power in England comes from Parliament, not the queen. She is simply there. She meets and greets other foreign heads of state and queens, that’s it. In the US, the power resides in the senate and congress, not the president. That is how the constitution is setup no one man has total power. Good idea, by brilliant men but poor execution. The people of this country , myself included, cry for a change and then every four years are surprised when one doesn’t show up. This has nothing to do with the president, it has to do with us as a country. The country shows up to vote in the biggest popularity contest in the world, but no change or improvement comes. Why? Why every four years do we get more of the same? How many of you know the average age of senators and congressman? For the uninformed the average age of a senator is 61.7, the average age of a house member is 57. As examples, Ralph Hall (R-TX) was born in 1923, Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) was born in 1917. Both of these men are closing in on the century mark, in any other job they would have been forced to retire. Not in the senate and congress. As long as you have a pulse you can keep your job as long as you get re-elected. The age required to be a senator is 30 and a member of the house is 25. If that is the case why is the average age for both double? Because, we as a country are complacent when it comes to these elections, we don’t pay attention. We vote for the familiar name and that’s the end of it. Then the presidential election comes around everyone is up in arms about the preceding president and why there is no change. There is no change because there is no change in the governing body itself. In order to facilitate change you must first address the problem. The problem in this case is there is never a change. The solution, we, the voters, have to make the change. We have to change the senate, change the house. Most of those elected there have been there for so long they are completely out of touch with what is going on. Some are so old they probably can not control their bladders any more. Just because someone is old does not make them right or smart. It could simply mean they are old. They don’t deal with the things that face a younger America, they have no idea. I wouldn’t ask my 92 year old grandmother to load my Itunes and neither would you. Then why do we have people the same age making decisions about things they can not understand. Things have changed, times have changed but the same people are in congress and senate since WWII. If a change is required and it is, new officials need to be elected. Younger officials, people in touch with what is really going on. People with new ideas, people with passion. The way things have been and the way they are now, there is no passion and there are no new ideas. Therefore, no change only more of the same. So while you are voting for the next overpaid Wal-Mart greeter to lead this country and no change comes, remember…..

You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.