A Cambodian couple recently finalized their divorce after 18 years of marriage. Divorce while not newsworthy in the US, unless your name is Britney Spears or Liz Taylor, we have nothing on this one. The husband, 42-year-old Moeun Sarim, and wife, 35-year-old Vat Navy (which navy,Vat Navy, Vat one over there)split over the husbands suspicions of his wife's infidelity with a local police officer. The wife denies any infidelity and says that the husband suggested they get divorced and she said "Let's get divorced."(apparently a very sound marriage to begin with). As with most divorces, the couple split the marital assets, only in this case it was literal. Upon finalization of the divorce, the husband along with several relatives showed up at the house the two shared. Armed with saws, hammers and other tools, the husband took his half of the house. Sawed down the middle and carted off to his parents home, piece by piece. His wife's half still stands where it was, although a little more drafty than when the couple resided there together.
Remember this the next time you think of calling it quits on your marriage, when you split the assets you could end up splitting the assets, right down the middle.