I swore I wouldn't touch this one with a ten foot pole. But after seeing that no one else has really touched it, I felt someone needed to bring some attention to it and who better than me. In a turn of the Karma screw, thirteen years to the day it appears O.J. Simpson will be spending the rest of his life in prison. After being acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and Ron Goldman in 1995, Simpson has spent the past thirteen years flaunting the fact the legal system failed in his trial. Unaware of the cosmic cycle of what comes around goes around, Juice thought it would be a good idea to bring along some friends and a couple of guns to reclaim some of his memorabilia from a hotel room in Vegas. Memorabilia that was supposed to be sold to pay the 30 million dollar civil judgment against him in the wrongful death lawsuit he lost.

In closing arguments I think Simpsons lawyer summed it up best by saying "being stupid" is not a crime, he's right it's not. Murder, theft, armed robbery and kidnapping are and those are why OJ is going to be dodging tackles in the shower for the rest of his life. Even though he didn't kill anyone, this time, no one has forgotten the infamous trial thirteen years ago as I am sure the jury didn't. As much as they say they did not consider previous wrongs when deliberating the current case, a jury loaded with women out numbering men almost three to one, had to have it enter their minds even a little. Lets face it, there is no way justice was not going to be served this time. When you put a man who has a tendency to beat the women in his life, including his own daughter, in front of a jury of mostly women, he's going down no matter what the charges. The real problem is that Simpson will probably not spend the rest of his life in jail, probably only the next five or so. Before you get upset about that, remember he's 61, five years could be life and if there is a god and he/she is just, Old Juice will drop dead of a massive coronary before the five years is up. Here's hoping. If not, considering time already served and possible good behavior, he may not spend a long time in jail at all. That's right, he could be out pretty quick.

On the bright side, karma does work even if just a little. O.J is finally going to jail and for at least a little while will know what it feels like to be a battered woman. To all who think it's not right and he wasn't guilty thirteen years ago, get your heads out of your asses. To O.J,when you're in the shower better hold onto the soap like it was a football buddy otherwise somebody might sneak one up the middle.


  1. Stephanie Barr // October 7, 2008 at 1:37 PM  

    Sorry, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it, believe me.

    OJ is an excellent example of why having professional jurors might make sense, or at least screening them for intelligence.

    Of course, in Galveston we had our own idiots like those who left convicted killer, Durst, unconvicted though he admitted he shot, decapitated and dismembered a 71 year old man, then escaped dressed as a woman. The jury, apparent felt there was some doubt, despite the confession without the head. Perhaps they thought the victim's head was alive somewhere?

  2. Hansgonsolo // October 9, 2008 at 7:19 AM  

    yeah, I don't think many people are gonna lose sleep, actually probably sleep better. It's possible the head could be alive, I saw a movie one time called the Beast with Two Heads, they surgically put another head on Rosie Greers body. And movies don't lie, so it must be possible.