There's really not much I can add to this one, so let's see what you guys have to say. Here's the story, Police in Detroit were called to the scene of a botched strong armed robbery, that's a mugging in case you didn't know. Prior to the police arrival, a robber approached a 36 year old man and demand money. The victim then handed over his cash, $50. The robber then turned to flee with his ill gotten gains when the victim chased him down, tackled him and put him a choke hold. While holding the crook in the choke hold, the victim demanded his money back. The criminal handed over a fistful of cash and while the victim counted it, the crook got away. To the victims surprise, the would be robber handed over $80. The mugging made him a net profit of $30. The mugger got away. And you say crime doesn't pay.

This one is an easy target, I'm feeling lazy so you guys write this one up. Let's hear those comments.