Cruising the web I happened across a bunch of videos from a European TV show. The show had contestants trying to break records to get into the Guiness Book of World Records. Most of the videos were of people doing athletic type stuff. One guy tried breaking the record for spinning a soccer ball on his foot. Another, tried to break the record for the most front side ollies on a skateboard, I don't know what it is, even after watching but it takes talent. There were videos of people building the biggest this and the biggest that, that takes talent. There were videos of the tallest woman and the smallest man, no talent involved but still interesting. I have to say though, the most interesting clips were the ones of people eating. Now they weren't eating dinner, not as you might think anyway. One guy tried setting the record for the most worms eaten in a minute. Another tried setting the record for most cochroaches eaten in a minute, his attempt went array when he yacked into his water glass about 20 seconds or so into his attempt. I was amazed and repulsed at the same time, I couldn't stop watching. All the time asking myself, what would make you think you could eat the most worms or roaches in a minute ? How do you find out you have that talent? Where these guys homeless and unemployeed, no money for food and forced to live of the land. No. Both looked like they held jobs and their families were all present. Although, there was one guy in the crowd that had a Miami Vice Tshirt on, seeing as the show has been off the air for almost twenty years, he may be homeless or just a dork, I don't know. Anyway, back to the eating, after watching that I went to Guiness site to check out the other eating records. I learned that people have definite problems. The ring leaders being the people at Guiness. Looking through the site, there are records for most books typed backwards (WTF, 64 by the way), the strangest diet (a man in France only eats metal, 2 lbs a day, eggs and bannanas make him sick. Go figure). One of my favorites, Heaviest Car Balanced on Head. How the hell do you learn you can balance a car on your head and why would you want to? I know you're curious, the car was a Mini, it weighed 352 lbs. How bout most weight lifted with an ear? This could come in handy for bringing in groceries or anytime your hands are full. This record is held by a guy from Pakistan, he lifted 136 lbs. attached to his ear lobe. Another personal favorite is Most Rattlesnakes in Mouth, yep not hand, not pants but mouth. The record is ten and they are held from the mouth by the tail and they are alive. Why? The list goes on and on and on. If you can think of it, there's probably a record for it. The only reason I can think of as to why people do these things is a simple one, everybody wants there fifteen minutes of fame. I say go for it. If you can do it then do it, you could be famous for a few minutes. Me, I'll just observe and make my comments.

So, Guiness is calling and they want to know what would you do for a record ?